Podcast / 14 July 2021

VOLTAGE Podcast 13 - Mercury 200

When you see Mercury 200 live, you quickly understand why they wear the masks. Hard hitting, uptempo, rave rethought with a modern twist is what they impose to their audience whether it’s a set or record, especially on their new imprint Gangsters of the Groove.

The tightly woven relationship between their attitude and music is what makes them stand out, looking to get the most out of their crowd at every show.


What was your inspiration for this mix? Did you take it in any specific direction?

We always strive to showcase our love of music through eclectic sets where we blend different styles with a meticulous selection. This podcast gathers unprotected breakbeat to sexy demolition grooves with a touch of summer hits and unreleased tracks. Don’t forget to buckle up while riding, as we hope that this podcast will get you through emotional rollercoasters.

Do you have a favorite track amongst those you played in the mix? If so, can you tell us a bit about it and how you came across it?

Definitely the last track! It’s a collaboration with the great MCR-T, upcoming vinyl release on our imprint Gangster of The Grooves. We remember sending him some projects of ours, looking to see if a feature would be possible. Not a surprise to say that our styles totally match and the vibe he brought is just mind blowing to us, we hope that you’ll turn up on it as much as we did!

Tracklist handwritten by M200

How does producing as a duo work for you? Do you have a routine of who focuses on what, or is the conception of every track different?

We’ve never had some kind of routine, we mostly produce together at the same place and always ask ourselves in what type of genre we want to produce the track. Then, one proposes a project that has already been started or starts with some ideas, and then the other takes the lead etc.. It always went pretty naturally as we had the same vision music wise.

Why choose to stay anonymous, what does it bring to your artistic project?

For many reasons. We wanted to start fresh, have the least amount of people judging our sound due to who we are or where we come from. Of course, we’re aware that this judgement can be the other way around when you know we wear balaclava. But in general it’s also a relief to stay anonymous, you feel more free to explore musical boundaries you wouldn’t touch otherwise, at least for us.. Lastly, one of us is wanted by Interpol so we have to keep it as low-key as possible.

M200's home setup for the VOLTAGE Podcast mix.

Could you share with us one of your weirdest experiences you’ve had behind the decks?

Shout out to our mates from FOLD club in London because that Unfold party we played at was definitely the craziest so far ! Due to the club regulation we’re not allowed to talk about it here but we let you guess what naked, tribe reunion in a wild jungle and relentless ceremony may mean in the same sentence. An atmosphere to make Sven Marquardt uncomfortable.

We also remember Britney Spears suddenly popping during a set, asking for a track ID, btw please let her FREE!!!

Any exciting upcoming releases/projects in the making that you would like to share with us?

Next Gangsters of the Groove vinyl aka GOTG002 for which we have been waiting for so long; this release is really special in terms of collaboration and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Next up: Benjamin Damage

Interview by: Jeanne Briatte
Editorial Team: Noah Hocker and
Michiel Demeulemeester